What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

There are numerous types of enclosure tanks for bearded dragons. Still, if you are looking for the best wood to make the best bearded dragon enclosures, you should use plywood to make the enclosures because it is an excellent insulator and doesn’t get ruined if exposed to wetness.What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

There would be so many options in the range of price and material, and functionality. And it all depends on the material used to make the enclosure. It doesn’t matter what material you are using, but every enclosure should have a glass lid that can help you with your beardie’s visibility.

Bearded dragons are popular among people as their pets, and people make so much effort on getting the best bearded dragon enclosures for them. These enclosures are made of different types of materials, and they all function differently because no material is the same in nature. 

The best bearded dragon enclosures

Glass enclosures

Glass enclosures are a bit like fish tanks. They are also considered as a great option because they let you have 360-degree visuals of what is happening inside the enclosure. Glass enclosures are pretty affordable. Still, the only drawback that one can have is they are relatively fragile.

But if you are taking care of it properly, you can find that they are also really durable because they don’t lose their look, and they can be found at any pet store really easy for your bearded dragon. Also, how can we forget that glass is the best insulator. 

Plastic enclosures

Plastic enclosures are also known as PVC cages because they are made of PVC plastic. PVC plastic is light in weight, and when the cages are made of this plastic, you will see a superior finishing in the cages. 

The only thing that refrains people from buying these enclosures is that they are a bit pricy compared to the other enclosures. The stores that sell you these enclosures can offer you so many colors in the cage, and also they help you in getting the lights installed just for an additional cost, which would be worth the price you are paying.

These enclosures blend in the décor easily, and there is no need to state that they are also the best insulators of electricity, which is really helpful in keeping your baby pet safe and healthy.

 Vision cages

These cages have one glass slide that helps you keep an eye on your beardie, and also they are easy to carry. These cages are great options if you are traveling and you want to take your pet with you.

They have inbuilt fixtures for lights and are really easy to clean also. They are made of a single piece of plastic, so they are really light in weight.

 Wooden Enclosures

Wooden enclosures are available in a wide array of different types of woods and wooden cages are considered the best bearded dragon enclosures. Their different types are here:

Melamine cage

This is a heavy and sturdy wood, and it will do the best job to keep your bearded dragon nice and warm as he likes.

Melamine wood is white, which is why it doesn’t let the light reflect at all, and it helps the color of your beardie look more beautiful. The only drawback is that it is a bit expensive and will be ruined if exposed to water.

Plywood cage

 If you are going to build the enclosure by yourself, then this is the best wood that you should be using. This is the best choice because it is really easy to find and lightweight. 

You can find plywood really easily, and you will enjoy a lot while making your bearded dragon an enclosure with this material. This type of wood is also doesn’t leave its state of beauty, even if it gets wet.

ABS cages

This type of enclosure can be concluded as a mixture of PVC and vision cages. It is because these cages are made up of ABS plastic, and they are not heavy at all. Being light in weight, they are fairly easy to move and clean.

Some plastics emit much toxics, but if you use ABS plastic, they are the best because they don’t emit any toxics at all. Just when they seem perfect, the drawback comes, and it is that they are costly. 

These are all types of enclosures that you can find in the market. You can select which are the best bearded dragon enclosures from them all according to your preferences.

Let’s get to the different types of enclosures, and you can decide which one is best for your bearded dragon.

The best substrate for your dragon’s habitat

With the enclosures, you surely need the flooring of your sweet beardie. Substrate keeps your bearded dragon really healthy and happy because that makes them feel like they are in a lifelike environment.What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

There are so many options, and when you want the safest option, you should opt for the substrate that is non-particle in nature.

One shouldn’t use the loose particle substrate because that can cause the dust in the enclosure that can also affect the breathing of your lovable beardie, and you, of course, don’t want him to have any trouble in breathing.

Loose particle substrate can cause clogging in the digestive tract, and there would be difficulties faced by him during the bowel movement. The drawbacks don’t end here; the debris can also enter in the nose and eyes of your dragon and cause infection.

The non-particle substrate consists of newspaper, paper towels, reptile carpet, ceramic tile, etc. these are much safer options for your bearded dragon, which will avoid the risk of getting stirred up, and these won’t affect him at all.

In conclusion

There are minor cons to the non-particle substrate also, but they are not as lethal as the particle one. The cons that include non-particle flooring are that the claws can get stuck in the mat or carpet, but there is a solution for that too. The owner can keep a check on the nails and give your beardies a regular trim in the nails.



How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

There are several species of snakes known, and one of the most popular breed for the pet is the Corn snake. This is a snake that can bear held in hands for an extended period and needs a specific habitat to stay alive. Here we are going to elaborate on several things which you must have known before buying corn snakes as your pet.

The corn snake’s native place in North America and it is a species of rat snakes as they subdue its small prey by constriction. This snake can be easily found in southeastern and central United States; these are the docile nature snakes, reluctance to bite, small in size, looks attractive with different patterns, and doesn’t require specific care. The corn snakes are harmless and beneficial for humans to take them along as their pets. These snakes have a lack of functional venom and control the population of wild rodent pests; these are the pests that cause damage to the crops.

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

Such snakes are named corn snakes because their preys are rats and pests that are usually seen in the cornfield, and this is the reason they are also known as rat snakes. In this piece of writing, we will let you know to take care of such snakes and enables you to pet them nicely; the corn snakes aren’t venomous so that you can choose them as your pet undoubtedly. In the following points we are going to mention things that you must know about corn snakes, let’s have a look:

·         Distinctiveness:

The corns are the captive breed of reptiles, and these snakes are an ideal choice for a person who is wishing to have a reptile as their pet. These snakes can be an ideal choice for the beginners who never had reptiles as a pet because these snakes are easy to handle and can bear staying in hand for a long period, and you need to have best corn snake enclosure to make their environment-friendly for them.

·         How to take care of corn snake as a pet:

Here we are going to explain to you about the best corn snake enclosure so you would be at ease while taking them along as your pet.


You need to have a ten-gallon or more terrarium for a baby corn snake, make sure that the snake is not more than twice comparatively enclosure. It would help if you had several hiding places and branches to climb on so they will not be bored inside their new home. It would help if you used Aspen shaving, sani-chips, cypress mulch, and a newspaper as a substrate for your new pet (corn snake).

Temperature and lighting:

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

During the day time, you must keep the temperature around 80-85 degrees F, whereas, at night, you need to keep the temperature between 75-80 degrees F. The temperature is the main thing that you to keep in your notice while having such snakes as a pet. The owner of the snake need to check out the tank heaters must work well for maintaining a proper temperature because excessively high, and low temperature may cause them damage. So it is mandatory to keep these things into your notice.

Diet and water:

Before having them as your pet, you must know that the baby corn snakes eat pinky mice as they grow up, they start eating fuzzy mice as juveniles and adult mice considering adult rats. These rats are fat and fuzzy, and the adult corn snakes found them as their delicious meal. Once in a week, the corn snakes separate them from the container; that time, you get a bowl full of water and put your pet snake into it so he can snake himself into it. The water in the bowl must be chlorine-free.

Habitat of corn snakes:

The corn snakes are naughty enough as they love to climb from one branch to another, so the owner of the pet snake must have branches while having the best corn snake enclosure. These are the necessary things that you must know about the corn snakes, and you must keep the humidity of their cage up to 40-60%, which is similar to their natural habitat.

Maintenance of snake enclosure:

You to clean their cage once in a week so that they can have a clean and humid environment inside their cage; maintaining a cage of your pet corn snake is necessary, and if you are unable to these things, then you should think twice before getting them as your pet. If you are unable to maintain such things, the corn snake will suffer and might die because of an unstable environment.

They are also known as rat snakes:

The corn snakes are also known as rat snakes because they love eating rats. The corn snake’s favorite meal is eating a rat, the baby corn snake will eat the newborn baby rat (pinkish rat), and an adult corn snake will eat fuzzy rats or adult rats. These are the necessary things that you must know about pet corn snakes and their habitat as well.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

What are the essential things that you to about the corn snake’s tank?

Temperature is the primary thing that you need to take care of; you can also use a heating pad to maintain the temperature inside the cage.

How to pet the corn snake?

You can take it out from its cage and hold in hand conveniently but not for too long because they get stressed easily.

Do the corn snakes feel bored?

These snakes don’t get affected without a companion as they know how to stay happy with their habitat only.

The final verdict:

Here we are with an outcome, and that is the corn snakes are the ideal choice for the ones who want a reptile as their pet. These snakes are harmless, and you can handle them easily. We hope the information mentioned has been helpful for you as we have mentioned each necessary information that you must know about pet corn snakes.

What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

Actually, the hedgehogs are very comfortable in warm climates and they cannot tolerate the cold, where if the temperature drops below 65F then the hedgehog may begin to show some of the symptoms of hypothermia which is often called as the hibernation. Some of the symptoms are the body of the hedgehog becomes cool to the touch and it will be of lethargic and they will become slow responding or it won’t even respond.

If your hedgehog is in the hibernation situation, then it must be reversed else the issue will become a fatal one for you. The hedgehogs must be placed in a room that it contains the central air and this can be of tricky for us, the heated pads are also available where you can place it under the habitat of the hedgehog but we feel that having the room warmer is found to be the safest bet.

During the hibernation

When you notice that your hedgehog has become very cool to touch and seems to be of having difficulties in moving and has not be eating the food immediately then it is necessary to take it to a warmer areas and bring the temperature up very slowly where this must be done at least over 20 minutes. This kind of cold behavior is a critical thing for hedgehog to survive and during the hibernation period the body of hedgehog undergoes extraordinary changes such as like body temperature gets dropped, breathing rates slow down and metabolic patterns adapt to the colder environment conditions.

If you want you can also buy the heat lamps for the hedgehog in which when you keep these heat lamps in the hedgehog room then it makes the room warmer and spreads down the warm temperature. There are number of best heat lamp for hedgehog are available in the market where it is your responsibility to find out the best hedgehog lamp for your pet to keep its body warmer during the hibernation. This is relatively simple coping method that allows the hedgehogs to just shutdown, moreover when you are hedgehog is in the hibernation period then it puts up the weight because I stores the large amount of energy for winter season to keep its body running.

Want to know the hedgehogs hibernate period?

What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

The hedgehog starts their hibernation progression in the month of October to November. Even though, it is completely possible that some of the hedgehogs may keep on “awake” and they store the enough food at the time of hibernation period. If they have not managed to accumulate enough fat then it reserves prior to their usual hibernation time. You can also find that most of the hedgehogs get up for few days at the time over the winter period to feed where they do not enter into the continuous state of the hibernation.

  • There are number of ways available in which you can help your hedgehog during the hibernation or winter period including the suitable habitat and homes for the hedgehogs where its keeps its body warmer.
  • Another way to keep your hedgehog warmer is that you can place a patch of garden or small area with the dense of undergrowth and you can also scattered the lengthy grass and leaves for your hedgehogs to sleep where this will help them to find more comfort during the hibernation or winter period.
  • The most vital thing about hedgehog is, they do earlier to the slumber and they form a pool of the physically fat reserves where this makes them not to be of fuzzy eaters. Mostly the hedgehogs live just by eating different variety of slugs, insects, mice and even they eat fruits.


There are also wide range of specially created hedgehog food are available in the market where the spikes is found to be the best choice of food for the hedgehog and it contains the semi-moist food and dry meat with it. You can just a leave out a dish of the fresh water for your hogs and ensure that it is clean, moreover the hedgehogs are completely intolerant to  lactose so never put out the milk to them where this will certainly make them more harm.

Underwater Camera Should Be Good in Practice

In modern times, we have the power to purchase a camera that can snap pics in deep underwater environments. Thousands of pictures can be taken and then uploaded to your computer later. The only problem is knowing you have a good camera. I’m not talking about a hunky dunkey used and does not clear out the blur camera. You need a camera with HD image quality and underwater color shade adjust. Meaning, you need a camera that can make your pictures look like they was taken in a movie. You might not be a real photographer, but you may want to remember that picture on your wall in the quality you can have. Nobody wants a dull water picture. Everyone wants the best camera for diving device when they go to the sea. Everyone wants a clear HD picture that is sharp enough to see every line on the image. More underwater camera features you should have below.

Underwater Camera Should Be Good in Practice

Cost Should Be Based on Budget

Every camera you buy must be based on your budget. We are all not rich and some of us make just enough. When you walk into that store, consider what you actually have to spend on a camera. Don’t spend more money because you have a little bit more to take pictures underwater. You got to be aware of what you are doing. Your money does not grow on thin ice. There are even times when you have to go through some unfortunate events to get it. Due to, I suggest you only spend the bare minimum you can afford to spend on a underwater camera. Used cameras are always on the budget and don’t be ashamed to buy it. I have bought plenty of things used. I do not see why  you shouldn’t buy a underwater camera also. Think it over if you don’t want to spend much money to take pictures.

 What Type of Lighting in Camera You Want

Deep sea cameras come with additional lighting features. The lighting features do not have to be bland. They can be adjustable for unfiltered blue colors. Black and white filtering is involved too. In case, you want to be creepy underwater. In addition, you can change the contrast and shadows. Decide how much color you want in and how much color you want shredded to the side. All ultraviolet waves will do what your camera want them to do. Have some fun and buy the best camera for diving that has these features.

On the other hand, if you want the lighting to be filtered in blue, that option is available for some cameras. The blue color that drapes over everything below lets people know that they are in water. The blue may not be liked by all people. But, it shows people that they are really in water when they look at photo. Looking at a photo with blue unfiltering can make people think you are photo shopping your images. You could prove them wrong with a video. But, nothing really beats that cold blue that reminds you so much of the water.

Set Up Camera to Fit Your Goals

Your camera can be set up any way you like. Basic for people that want to jump in the water and take a couple pictures. Hardcore for people who want high defined imaged with the best color possible and ocean unfiltering. Get the picture to reach a level where the images are transformed into something more surreal. Some camera may even be able to make the pictures move. I have seen picture frames that can make pictures move. I am not sure if cameras can do this. But, it is something to look into if you want the ultra ultra quality. Would look exceptional on your shelf. For all situations, set up camera to your liking. Remember, it is you who is going to be taking pictures above the water and below it.

What is included

What is included

Your stay at NuBeginnings France is a life changing experience. We offer you the tools and techniques to change your life to be healthier and happier. Included in a one week stay is:

  • Support from the NuBeginnings team when you get home – we call you regularly to support you in the life changes you are making.
  • Wonderful locally sourced food prepared by our spa chefs.
  • Luxury ensuite accommodation in the chateau.
  • Individual fitness assessment on arrival so that we can structure your programme for you to get the results you want.
  • A full exercise programme including hiking, yoga, personal training and so much more.
  • Three full body deep tissue massages.
  • Three Therapy sessions – hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP therapy to achieve the results you would like.
  • Talks on topics of interest.
  • Cooking demonstration by one of our spa chefs.
  • Full use of the gym and studio.
  • NuBeginnings T Shirt and Water Bottle to take home.
  • Going home picnic to make sure you can get home without worrying about what to eat on the journey.

Going home

We pride ourselves on our levels of individual attention and support.

When you go home we stay in touch and ensure that you have the support and advice you need to make real changes to your life.

You and your health are our concern and we will do whatever we can to support you every step of the way.


At NuBeginnings France we tailor a programme that ensures you will reach your goals. We will encourage you to do as many different classes as possible. We will offer you either Pilates or Yoga classes both ensure your body is well balanced and stretched. These classes allow you to reconnect your mind and body so that you can once again listen to what your body needs and wants for a healthy future.

Exercise Classes
NuBeginnings offers a wide range of exercise classes including spinning, boxing and circuit training. This wide offering of classes makes sure you work every muscle of your body and helps to bring your system back to life through exercise.

The Studio
Our exercise studio is located in the Chateau’s former stable block. The gym has magnificent arched windows and has lovely views over the garden. The studio has wonderful, original beams and is a magical place to work out. All of the NuBeginnings France exercise team are highly trained and motivated to ensure you reach your goals. They will support and encourage you every step of the way.

The Gym

Quality equipment
Our NuBeginnings France gym is well equipped with the very latest high specification equipment including:

Cross trainers

Rowing machines

Upright bikes

Recumbent bikes


Stepping Machine

Spinning Bikes

Free weights

Supervision by our qualified team
All sessions in the gym are supervised and led by our highly qualified instructors. You will see and feel the difference after every gym session.

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

At NuBeginnings the menus are carefully designed to offer a nutritious and enjoyable meal – we only use local ingredients to ensure you will feel better and to aid weight loss.

Meal of the day Sample Menu
Breakfast Cep and white truffle oil omelette
Midmorning snack Wild Berry Crepe
Lunch Artichoke and chicken barley risotto
Midafternoon snack Asparagus with melted goat cheese and a balsamic glaze
Dinner Smoked haddock, cod and crayfish bouillabaisse with butter beans

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is so important for your well being and overall health. The food at NuBeginnings is beautifully prepared and a true delight. We are very proud of our spa cuisine and we know you will enjoy it.


Victoria Wills – Director of Hypnotherapy

Victoria is a leading expert in Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is a regular contributor to the national press. Most recently she has been featured in Healthy magazine, Natural Health, ZEST, Beauty Angels and Brand New You.

Victoria specialises in weight loss through hypnosis and has studied in both the USA and the UK and is registered to the highest level in both countries.

Visit Victoria’s website – VictoriaWills.com

Charlie – Therapist

With a very successful private practice in the UK Charlie has proven herself as a highly effective therapist.

She will work with you at the deepest level to help you overcome your problems.

An ever popular therapist with our guests.


Adele joins us from her hugely successful practice in the UK. With many years as an experienced Acupuncture practitioner, NLP and hypnotherapist she has many varied and proven skills to help you achieve the results you desire.

Understanding, kind and hugely effective she will work with you to help you be all that you want to be.


Suzy – Massage Therapist

Suzy is a wonderful deep tissue massage therapist. Intuitive and exceptional at dealing with injuries or problems she will ensure you have a fantastic massage each and every time.

Stefan – Massage therapist

Stefan owns his own spa here in France. When we can tempt him over to us he specialises in a fabulous cellulite busting massage.

Charlotte – Massage Therapist

Charlotte is an extremely accomplished massage therapist with many strings to her bow….

Deep tissue massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stones – think of a massage and Charlotte can probably do it.

As our residential therapist she is on hand at all times to ensure you enjoy your therapies.



Stuart has more than a decade’s experience working with people to achieve their fitness and health goals.

He is a level 4 advanced trainer as well as a mountain leader.

Stuart has worked for many years keeping the armed forces in peak physical condition. He uses his experience and knowledge to ensure you achieve the results you desire.


Nadia is a level 4 personal trainer specialising in obesity and weight management.

Nadia specialises in posture and body alignment and has studied ballet for more than 20 years.

In addition she is a sports massage therapist and regularly writes for a fitness column.

Nadia will work with you to make sure you are happy and achieve wonderful results.