Suzy – Massage Therapist

Suzy is a wonderful deep tissue massage therapist. Intuitive and exceptional at dealing with injuries or problems she will ensure you have a fantastic massage each and every time.

Stefan – Massage therapist

Stefan owns his own spa here in France. When we can tempt him over to us he specialises in a fabulous cellulite busting massage.

Charlotte – Massage Therapist

Charlotte is an extremely accomplished massage therapist with many strings to her bow….

Deep tissue massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stones – think of a massage and Charlotte can probably do it.

As our residential therapist she is on hand at all times to ensure you enjoy your therapies.


1Victoria Wills – Director of Hypnotherapy

Victoria is a leading expert in Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is a regular contributor to the national press. Most recently she has been featured in Healthy magazine, Natural Health, ZEST, Beauty Angels and Brand New You.

Victoria specialises in weight loss through hypnosis and has studied in both the USA and the UK and is registered to the highest level in both countries.

Visit Victoria’s website –

Charlie – Therapist

With a very successful private practice in the UK Charlie has proven herself as a highly effective therapist.

She will work with you at the deepest level to help you overcome your problems.

An ever popular therapist with our guests.


Adele joins us from her hugely successful practice in the UK. With many years as an experienced Acupuncture practitioner, NLP and hypnotherapist she has many varied and proven skills to help you achieve the results you desire.

Understanding, kind and hugely effective she will work with you to help you be all that you want to be.


Nordic Walking

Tailored to you
Every guest at NuBeginnings has a personal fitness assessment at the beginning of your stay with us. We make sure that each activity is tailored to you and achieving your goals!

Nordic Walking is a wonderful aerobic exercise 
Walking is a wonderful aerobic exercise and the breathtakingly beautiful location of NuBeginnings France, in the Loire Valley, is a wonderful place for it.

Building your Fitness Levels
The different walks are planned by your personal training mentors to make sure you are challenged whilst enjoying the fabulous French countryside.


Q1. Should I bring multivitamins?

Q2. What if I have ‘special’ dietary needs?

Q3. Will I be really Hungry?

Should I bring multivitamins?
The NuBeginnings programme has been designed to cover all of your nutritional needs so supplements are not necessary. However we do recommend that you continue with any supplements/programme that your medical/holistic advisors have given you.
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What if I have ‘special’ dietary needs?
We can cater for almost all dietary needs and alergies and one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail with you. Either way Please let us know of any special dietary needs at the time of making your reservation.
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Will I be really Hungry?
Our guests are always pleasantly surprised by the wonderful food at NuBeginnings France. The nutritional programme is carefully designed so that you feel satisfied during your whole stay with us – you should never feel hungry whilst at NuBeginnings France.
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Exercise & Fitness

signpostQ1. How much weight will I loose in a week at NuBeginnings France?

Q2. I have never been nordic walking before – will I enjoy it?

Q3. I never exercise at all – is NuBeginnings France the right place for me?

Q4. Is NuBeginnings France a medical facility?

How much weight will I loose in a week at NuBeginnings France? 
This is the question we are asked most often and it is the most difficult to answer. Your weight loss depends on your current weight, the effort you make whilst with us and your current diet. Our average weight loss in a week is just under 10lbs (about 5kgs). However some guests lose up to 19lbs in a week.
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I have never been nordic walking before – will I enjoy it? flowers001
NuBeginnings France is located in the Loire Valley. This is a truly beautiful area in France (and the world). All our guests enjoy the local countryside and as long as you like the fresh air and walking then you will thoroughly enjoy your time with us. We have a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic fitness coaches who help make each hike you do fun and enjoyable.
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I never exercise at all – is NuBeginnings France the right place for me? 
At NuBeginnings France we structure your programme around your likes and dislikes and the goals that you want to achieve. In this way we can ensure that the programme is ideally suited to you. If you really have never done any exercise before then we might suggest a week where the group fitness levels suit you. You will never be forced to do anything that is uncomfortable for you. Your safety and wellbeing is our utmost concern.
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Is NuBeginnings France a medical facility? 
No – NuBeginnings France does not have nursing or medical staff. We are a holistic practice where the programme is centred around each guest and giving you the skills and knowledge to lead a healthy life. If you are unsure whether the programme is right for you please contact us and one of our advisors will be happy to talk to you.
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Available places at Chateau de Milly

Bookings are made by the number of weeks you would like to stay. Each week runs from Sunday to Sunday. We are open every week, all year – so we are always here when you need us! Please call us on +44 1271 862 792 to discuss your needs with one of our advisors.
NuBeginnings France Availability 2012

Limited places available.
Fully Booked.
MayWeek 19
6th to 13th
Week 20
13th to 20th
Week 21
20th to 27th
Week 22
27th to 3rd
JunWeek 23
3rd to 10th
Week 24
10th to 17th
Week 25
17th to 24th
Week 26
24th to 1st
JulWeek 27
1st to 8th
Week 28
8th to 15th
Week 29
15th to 22nd
Week 30
22nd to 29th
Week 31
29th to 5th
AugWeek 32
5th to 12th
Week 33
12th to 19th
Week 34
19th to 26th
Week 35
26th to 2nd
SepWeek 36
2nd to 9th
Week 37
9th to 16th
Week 38
16th to 23rd
Week 39
23rd to 30th
Week 40
30th to 7th
OctWeek 41
7th to 14th
Week 42
14th to 21st
Week 43
21st to 28th
Week 44
28th to 4th
NovWeek 45
4th to 11th
Week 46
11th to 18th
Week 47
18th to 25th
Week 48
25th to 2nd
DecWeek 49
2nd to 9th
Week 50
9th to 16th
Week 51
16th to 23rd
Week 52
23rd to 30th
Week 1
30th to 6th
JanWeek 2
6th to 13th
Week 3
13th to 20th
Week 4
20th to 27th
Week 5
27th to 3rd
FebWeek 6
3rd to 10th
Week 7
10th to 17th
Week 8
17th to 24th
Week 9
24th to 3rd
MarWeek 10
3rd to 10th
Week 11
10th to 17th
Week 12
17th to 24th
Week 13
24th to 31st
Week 14
31st to 7th
AprWeek 15
7th to 14th
Week 16
14th to 21st
Week 17
21st to 28th
Week 18
28th to 5th

The boring bit…
We invite you to check in from 3pm on the arrival Sunday. Guests must check out by 9am on the leaving Sunday – we will even take you to Richelieu for a spot of souvenir shopping before you head home.


Length of stayTariff per week (£) excl VAT
Deluxe Room (Single occupancy)See bottom of page for discounts
One week£2495
Tower Room (Single occupancy)
One week£2295

We offer discounts for multiple week stays. You can stay at NuBeginnings for up to four weeks at a time. Please call or email for our prices for longer stays.

Your stay at NuBeginnings France is a life changing experience. We offer you the tools and techniques to change your life to be healthier and happier. Included in a one week stay is:

  • Support from the NuBeginnings team when you get home – we contact you regularly to support you in the life changes you are making.
  • Wonderful locally sourced seasonal food prepared by our chef.
  • Luxury ensuite accommodation in the chateau.
  • Individual fitness assessment on arrival so that we can structure your programme for you to get the results you want.
  • A full exercise programme including boxercise, nordic walking, personal training and so much more.
  • Three full body deep tissue massages.
  • Three Therapy sessions – hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP therapy to achieve the results you would like.
  • Talks on topics of interest.
  • Cooking demonstration by our chef.
  • Full use of the gym and studio.
  • NuBeginnings T Shirt and Water Bottle to take home.
  • Going home picnic to make sure you can get home without worrying about what to eat on the journey.

How to book your stay: We want to make sure our programme is the best programme for you. In order to do that we need to talk to you. Please call us on either +33 236 29 92 22 (France) or +44 2071936166 (UK) when you are ready to discuss booking your place on the NuBeginnings programme. Alternatively send us an email from the contact page and we will call you right back. Remember there are extra discounts if you book for more than 1 week – call to find out more.

Sample programme

typical_day001Each day at NuBeginnings France has a full programme of activities and the day’s events are entirely dependent on you, our guest. Your days are highly structured and organised so that you get every benefit you can from your time with us at NuBeginnings France. This will give you an idea of what a day at NuBeginnings France might look like during your week.

07:30Wake up call
07:45 – 08:45Core Strengthening Class
08:45 – 09:15Breakfast
09:30 – 10:30Lecture
11:00 – 13:00Nordic Walking
13:00 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 15:30Personal Training
15:45 – 16:00Snack
17:00 – 18:00Massage
18:00 – 19:00Hypnotherapy
19:15 – 20:15Dinner
20:30 – 21:20Cooking Demo


You work hard during your time with us and you see the results – we support you every step of the way. This is a life changing programme so give us the opportunity to start your NuBeginning.


Luxury Weight Loss Boot Camp in the Heart of the Loire Valley

A very warm welcome to NuBeginnings France, our exclusive luxury weight-loss boot camp.

Here at NuBeginnings we understand that the simple weight loss equation of exercise more and eat less is just not enough. We will work with you to address your relationship with food and make sure you have wonderful results.

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we will look after you in an historic French Chateau set in some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe. All this perfectly blended with our time-tested and proven weight-loss and lifestyle programme, painstakingly developed at the original NuBeginnings boutique weight-loss retreat in Devon.

Our exclusive and totally individual approach of nutrition, exercise and hypnotherapy is, we believe, the most effective, safe and luxurious weight-loss programme for women and men alike.

Frankly, we are proud of our record, because everyone who has ever attended one of our Residential Programmes has succeeded in losing weight, increased their fitness and improved their lifestyle (our average weight-loss is 10lb per guest, although you shouldn’t be surprised to lose as much as 21lbs or even more while you’re with us).

With our unique synthesis of a weight loss boot camp and a weight loss retreat (or spa) and our firm belief that losing weight does not have to be a struggle, NuBeginnings France promises YOU a specially designed week of activity, massage, hypnotherapy and lifestyle improvement where you’ll lose weight and increase your general wellbeing… and you’ll enjoy all this while being pampered and looked after by our kind and caring team.

NuBeginnings France is a True Concierge Service. In short, we take care of everything for you… With a maximum of eight guests each week at NuBeginnings France we will structure your individual programme to get you the results you want.

We leave nothing to chance because we know how important the small details are to your ultimate success.

Our weight loss program is specifically designed to really get great results during your stay and, more important, to keep working for you after you return home.

But make no mistake: you will work hard here… and you will see fantastic results.

Where you sleep

accommodation003We want you to feel at home at NuBeginnings France.
Chateau Milly really is a dream location. We encourage you to let loose your inner princess (or prince) whilst enjoying the wonder of a fabulous room in the castle.

The rooms are as beautiful as the building.

Each room at Chateau Milly is as individual as you are. From sumptuous, palatial grandeur to wonderfully feminine glamour. Every room is magical – the period features abound wherever you look.accommodation001

Of course each room is ensuite and entirely comfortable. Our only concern is how we are going to tempt you out of your room to take part in the programme.

For your complete comfort…
To ensure you get a sound night’s sleep we only use 100% Egyptian cotton bed linen.

The bathrooms are stocked with fabulous bath products.accommodation002

If there is anything that we can do to make your stay more comfortable we will do it. All you need to do is ask.