James – Property Manager

James works behind the scenes to make sure that NuBeginnings France runs without a htich. Between such an old building and more than 30 acres of lands to keep under control he’s certainly busy.
His aim is that you enjoy every minute of your stay without a care in the world.

Tia – Deputy Manager

Tia manages the programme for you during your stay.

With a great knowledge of the programme and a real understanding of the problems you might be facing she will make sure you enjoy your stay and leave with all the knowledge you need.

Tia is your go-to girl when you are here with us at NuBeginnings France.

She will ensure that your every need is met. Your comfort and convenience is her main concern. And she does it brilliantly.
Tia has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years so she really knows that the little things make a huge difference to your stay.


Nicole Berberian – Programme Nutritionist

Nicole has been a fully qualified nutritionist for many years. Her expertise has helped many people to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles. She was the nutritionist for Living TV’s hit show, “The Biggest Loser UK” and provided the food programme for the contestants to follow.
She is a regular contributor to the nutrition pages of women’s magazines and other media publications. She is also the nutritionist for the Channel 5 News team.

Stuart – Head Chef

Stuart has been a chef for nearly 30 years. There is nothing he doesn’t know about healthy cooking and making every meal a delight.
Stuart works closely with our nutritionist and his cooking demonstrations are a highlight of everyone’s stay at NuBeginnings.
Stuart believes in an open door kitchen – whenever you have a question or suddenly remember a favourite meal and want the recipe just go in and ask. He’s always happy to help.

Joost van der Mast – Nutritionist

Joost will work with you to ensure you are absolutely certain which foods will help you achieve your goals and support your health.
Joost has been a nutritionist for many years and will only give you sensible, practical advise that will get you to your goals.



Stuart has more than a decade’s experience working with people to achieve their fitness and health goals.

He is a level 4 advanced trainer as well as a mountain leader.

Stuart has worked for many years keeping the armed forces in peak physical condition. He uses his experience and knowledge to ensure you achieve the results you desire.


Nadia is a level 4 personal trainer specialising in obesity and weight management.

Nadia specialises in posture and body alignment and has studied ballet for more than 20 years.

In addition she is a sports massage therapist and regularly writes for a fitness column.

Nadia will work with you to make sure you are happy and achieve wonderful results.


Suzy – Massage Therapist

Suzy is a wonderful deep tissue massage therapist. Intuitive and exceptional at dealing with injuries or problems she will ensure you have a fantastic massage each and every time.

Stefan – Massage therapist

Stefan owns his own spa here in France. When we can tempt him over to us he specialises in a fabulous cellulite busting massage.

Charlotte – Massage Therapist

Charlotte is an extremely accomplished massage therapist with many strings to her bow….

Deep tissue massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stones – think of a massage and Charlotte can probably do it.

As our residential therapist she is on hand at all times to ensure you enjoy your therapies.


1Victoria Wills – Director of Hypnotherapy

Victoria is a leading expert in Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is a regular contributor to the national press. Most recently she has been featured in Healthy magazine, Natural Health, ZEST, Beauty Angels and Brand New You.

Victoria specialises in weight loss through hypnosis and has studied in both the USA and the UK and is registered to the highest level in both countries.

Visit Victoria’s website –

Charlie – Therapist

With a very successful private practice in the UK Charlie has proven herself as a highly effective therapist.

She will work with you at the deepest level to help you overcome your problems.

An ever popular therapist with our guests.


Adele joins us from her hugely successful practice in the UK. With many years as an experienced Acupuncture practitioner, NLP and hypnotherapist she has many varied and proven skills to help you achieve the results you desire.

Understanding, kind and hugely effective she will work with you to help you be all that you want to be.