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What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

There are numerous types of enclosure tanks for bearded dragons. Still, if you are looking for the best wood to make the best bearded dragon enclosures, you should use plywood to make the enclosures because it is an excellent insulator and doesn’t get ruined if exposed to wetness. There would be so many options in… Read More »

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

There are several species of snakes known, and one of the most popular breed for the pet is the Corn snake. This is a snake that can bear held in hands for an extended period and needs a specific habitat to stay alive. Here we are going to elaborate on several things which you must… Read More »

What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

Actually, the hedgehogs are very comfortable in warm climates and they cannot tolerate the cold, where if the temperature drops below 65F then the hedgehog may begin to show some of the symptoms of hypothermia which is often called as the hibernation. Some of the symptoms are the body of the hedgehog becomes cool to… Read More »

Underwater Camera Should Be Good in Practice

In modern times, we have the power to purchase a camera that can snap pics in deep underwater environments. Thousands of pictures can be taken and then uploaded to your computer later. The only problem is knowing you have a good camera. I’m not talking about a hunky dunkey used and does not clear out… Read More »

What is included

Your stay at NuBeginnings France is a life changing experience. We offer you the tools and techniques to change your life to be healthier and happier. Included in a one week stay is: Support from the NuBeginnings team when you get home – we call you regularly to support you in the life changes you are… Read More »

The Gym

Quality equipment Our NuBeginnings France gym is well equipped with the very latest high specification equipment including: Cross trainers Rowing machines Upright bikes Recumbent bikes Treadmills Stepping Machine Spinning Bikes Free weights Supervision by our qualified team All sessions in the gym are supervised and led by our highly qualified instructors. You will see and… Read More »

Sample Menu

At NuBeginnings the menus are carefully designed to offer a nutritious and enjoyable meal – we only use local ingredients to ensure you will feel better and to aid weight loss. Meal of the day Sample Menu Breakfast Cep and white truffle oil omelette Midmorning snack Wild Berry Crepe Lunch Artichoke and chicken barley risotto… Read More »


Victoria Wills – Director of Hypnotherapy Victoria is a leading expert in Hypnotherapy and NLP. She is a regular contributor to the national press. Most recently she has been featured in Healthy magazine, Natural Health, ZEST, Beauty Angels and Brand New You. Victoria specialises in weight loss through hypnosis and has studied in both the… Read More »


Suzy – Massage Therapist Suzy is a wonderful deep tissue massage therapist. Intuitive and exceptional at dealing with injuries or problems she will ensure you have a fantastic massage each and every time. Stefan – Massage therapist Stefan owns his own spa here in France. When we can tempt him over to us he specialises… Read More »


Stuart Stuart has more than a decade’s experience working with people to achieve their fitness and health goals. He is a level 4 advanced trainer as well as a mountain leader. Stuart has worked for many years keeping the armed forces in peak physical condition. He uses his experience and knowledge to ensure you achieve… Read More »