Guest comments are from NuBeginnings UK guests as NuBeginnings France opens in August 2010.

Fawzia R (Iraq) Lost 6lbs

"Excellent! The best I have been to. The landscape, the walks, the fabulous support. Thank you."

Teresa (Spain)

"Thank you for the inspiring journey spent with you and your team. Although the exercise definitely put me through my paces – I so enjoyed all the sessions and funnily enough felt much more energised, alive and less lethargic than usual. This seemed a bit of a misnomer considering how much effort was used. Please thank your fitness instructors for helping me to achieve far more than I thought possible. It was great trying out new activities and in a safe environment where every body was helped to feel at ease."

Phil (Devon)

"Thank you NuBeginnings. I have continued to lose weight since my stay. I think the weekend put a stop to my ‘picking’ between meals and everyone has been commenting on how trim I look at the moment, which is great!"

Marylin (Devon)

"I have been trying to analyse my feelings about the whole NuBeginnings experience and I thought what a pity I didnt know then what I know now ! Somehow I have lost my dependence on food as an emotional crutch I am aware of what I am eating and I am not picking or shovelling in the chocolate which was a real problem for me. Because I have used food as a crutch for so long I am waiting for that fall from grace, but so far it has not happened and I am very interested to see how long this will last. I am hoping it will last forever as food has been a big problem for me all my life. What is the secret ? Is it the hypnotherapy the acupuncture maybe the whole package. If I continue like this it would be worth any amount of money, and Im sure anyone who has a dependance on food as I had would agree."

Caroline, Oxford - Lost 10lbs

"Thank you for a lovely stay - the package really works and the food was fab - thank you"

Brenda, Ireland - Lost 7 lbs

"I had specific goals when choosing Nubeginnings and I was 100% confident when I left that I had made the right choice. I was looking for somewhere to help me "reprogramme" myself to make better choices and take control of my eating and drinking. I left feeling physically better than I had for a long time, so very motivated and with a set of techniques I will use to control myself....as well as great eating and exercise plans."
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