Vera Bendixen - Utah, USA (Lost 23lbs in 2 weeks)
Vera Bendixen - Utah, USA (Lost 23lbs in 2 weeks)
"I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Last year I had a health scare that finally made me want to change my life and get healthy. I have tried numerous diets but nothing ever lasted. I have been to other weight loss boot camps that were extremely crowded where we worked out longer and had poor results. None of them had a plan of care once you leave their program.

I decided to try NuBeginnings France. It was a big decision for me as it involved Transatlantic travel and a two week stay was a big commitment of my time (and of course financially). However after spending 2 fantastic weeks at NuBeginningsFrance I lost over 23 lbs! I loved every moment I spent there - it was worth every penny and more. Victoria is very knowledgeable and gives us the tools we need to change our life and succeed in our goals. The staff are amazing as well as being kind, caring and extremely supportive.

The trainers motivate you and will push you to what they think your limits are. At NBF, they closely monitor your progress. They helped me set up a plan to continue on my fitness goals. Everyone at NBF will do anything & everything for you so that you can focus on yourself. I love the diverse activities that were tailored to each person\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s needs and abilities. Thank you so much for giving me the knowledge, tools & strength to change my life.

I have been home for several weeks now and continue to do well - continuing to lose weight and remaining really motivated to exercise, the hypnotherapy certainly changed something for me and I feel great. The team at NBF are calling me every week to help me stay motivated. It was an Amazing experience and it really has changed my life. Thank you NuBeginnings"

Natalie J - Birmingham, UK

"Thank you so much NuBeginnings, for everything!

I had one of the best weeks of my life! The only selfish week of my entire life! I went shopping for all the ingredients I am incorporating in to the new me, and I trained three times yesterday.
I ate mindfully and made myself think positivly all day - to be honest I was still high from Nubeginnings!

I will get intouch with the others and get back to you with a date to book our next fab week. My family were/are so happy!

I told them the experience changed/saved my life! I really was so unhappy before my time with yourselves! my entire existance was taking care of others and not my self - thanks again for passing your dream and knowledge on to others namely me!"

Nadia H - Jordan

" من اجمـــل وأمتع و أصعب التجارب, أسبوعين بعيداً عن الحياة الروتينية و الضوضاء قضيتها في أجمل ربوع ريف فرنسا الغربي, اسبوعان من التركيز على النفس فقط تحت إشراف أروع المدربين و الأخصائين. قصر جميل محدٌث, غرف مريحة,إدارة ممتازة و جاهزة لتلبية كل الأحتياجات الأضافية لتسهيل الأقامة مع إبتسامة لا تفارق الوجوه, البرنامج شاق كله تحديات و لكن ممتع. أنصح كل من يريد خلق تغيير في نفسه من الداخل و المظهر الخارجي أن يجرب هذا المكان بدون تردد
ذهبت مليئة بالمخاوف من المجهول و رجعت بعد أسبوعين 7 كيلو أقل و الأهم رجعت بنفسية عالية و هدؤ عام. كلي إمتنان و شكر لفرد فرد من فريق و أخص فكتوريا و جايمس الحاضران دوماً لكل مطلب, مايكل أروع مدرب و تشخيصي لكل أعضاء و عضلات الجسم, زوي اللتي ساعدتني على أسترجاع السكينة في داخلي, ستيوارت الشف الرائع الذي يذهل بوصفاته الشهية و أخيراً و ليس اخراً تيا التي تحل كل المشاكل
.أشكركم واحد واحد على أجمل تجربة في حياتي
ناديا من الأردن. "

Rosemarie M

"If you are at the point where you know you need to lose weight, you are trying (without success) to find some enthusiasm, and everything seems too much to take on, then don't waste any more time - just book Nubeginnings. And for that slightly exotic touch, book to stay at the Chateau de Milly in the Loire Valley. It is pretty easy to get there and it is a real break from your daily worries and workload.

I had booked the first week in January on a hunch but strangely not with much enthusiasm. I had less enthusiasm on my way there, having eaten by considerable body weight in chocolate and junk over the Christmas season. My head wasn't right - and I always heard that your head has to be right to go on one of these trips.

I suppose my mind was full of old memories. Yes, I had been to bootcamp a few years before - you know the really rough one - bunk beds, shouting army personnel, 5.30 am starts and 530 pm finishes. I had lost weight then but felt like I had been through a concrete mixer and some form of shock therapy. What was even more offputting was the presence of very fit and slim women making one feel like a heck of a loser in the crowd.

But Nubeginnings was a revelation. I was met at the train station by two people with welcoming smiles - welcoming smiles ??!! I had known only abuse at bootcamps before. And it felt nice to arrive at a Chateau! Yes, I had to be measured and weighed but hey, there were no skinnies around so that was ok. And it was also a private affair.

My room was gorgeous containing a really comfortable bed and a massive bathroom with both a bath and the largest shower I have ever seen. I also had lovely views over the land. The food - cooked by Stuart, was nothing short of genius. But even then on the first evening, I was dreading the training over the next week. This was going to be the downside bit. The hard work, the strain, the stress, and a shameful display of fitness - or lack thereof. But the trainers were exceptional. They certainly pushed you, but there was so much encouragement and respect, the dread started to disappear pretty quickly. I had incurred some injuries through a fall in the last year and not only could I take on exercise that I thought impossible (like boxing with a delicate shoulder!!), my trainer showed me how to combine a workout with rehabiliation exercises. Injuries which I thought might be aggravated over the week actually improved. So he was nothing short of a miracle man. The other trainers were also exceptional - all seeming to excel in rehabilation, fat burning and nutrition as well as Yoga, Tai Chi and all things Eastern. I found out since that all of these guys have worked with (and gotten recommendations from) celebrities in the past so you are getting the creme de la creme for sure when you go to France!

But the nicest touch to this programme is that the physical activity ends at 2.30 pm! And it's R&R time after that. Well, kind of. You can either have a super duper massage to help ease your muscles OR you can have a therapy session. I was pretty dubious about the therapy session plan I must say but after the first session, I got a new respect for what it was about and why Nubeginnings makes this such an integral part of the programme. Why exercise and lose weight - and put it all back again ? Why do we have a needy relationship with food ? It is important to get to the bottom of these questions and to develop tools to avoid going back to that lifestyle again. Who chooses to be overweight ? Very few if any people do - yet many people are. And there usually is a reason - even if it is a habit, the habit started forming for a reason. The best bit about therapy though was the provision of tools to avoid a repeat of old behaviours. Victoria herself was a real gem because as someone who struggled so much with weight herself, all the guests can really identify with her. Her talks were both inspirational and practical.

I made some excellent friends with the other guests, we've all stayed with the programme, and we stay in constant touch. Oh, and all of us are all returning to the Chateau for another week at the end of June and meeting up in my hometown for a weekend in April!! My weight loss and general appearance has been very much commented on by colleagues, friends and family. They say that this trip to Nubeginnings was the best thing I ever did. And I agree with them. I'm nearly 47 years old and for the first time in my life, I feel I finally cracked it. A big thank you to Victoria, James and all the team at Chateau de Milly. "

Laura S, Surrey.

"NuBeginnings has changed my life! My first few weeks after NuBeginnings flew by and I was focused on continuing to exercise and eat small, healthy portions of food. Before long this became second nature however something inside me had clicked. I didn't exercise if I didn’t fancy it, and I started doing fitness things that I enjoyed....spinning classes, rowing, my husband and I have bought bikes etc AND if I fancied some chocolate or champagne I had it! I am now a more balanced and happy person. My weight has stabilised somewhere within my BMI (I don’t know my weight as I have thrown away the scales..however last time I was at the Dr's I had to be weighed and measured and all I asked the Dr was- am I healthy?) I threw away all my skinny clothes as well as all my fat clothes. NuBeginnings has shown me self-acceptance and how to live a healthy happy 'all-inclusive' lifestyle where food and exercise can be enjoyed. The experience also prompted me to research my deeper problems.

NuBeginnings has made me more successful- I recently got promoted and had a £5000 pay increase because my personnel manager feels that I have matured into a more rounded, balanced person - woohoo. My marriage is better than ever, in fact my husband and I are having 8 weeks off to travel around America. (I would never have dreamed of doing this before NuBeginnings!) We are staying at Yosemite park for 7 days where we will Hike, Hike, Hike.

So all in all Victoria, my life has changed in so many ways all down to 1 week spent at NuBeginnings where I had to face into myself and decide what I wanted from my life and I came out a happy, healthier person.

Thank you so very much.

Karen Neville - London, UK (Lost 10lbs in 1 week)

"I was at the point in my life where I knew that I needed to do something different to lose weight, I was edging closer to 50 and the struggle with my weight was daily. I was trapped in this body and didn’t know how to make the changes I needed and the thought of another fad diet was making me lose sleep. I was making a little effort with my eating and exercising but was getting nowhere fast.
It was just at this point that a friend mentioned Nu beginnings. So after a little research and very little persuasion I found myself on my way to France. Actually to Chateau de Milly in the Loire Valley. I was a little apprehensive as the train edged closer as all I could visualise was super fit, super thin trainers who would not understand me. But Nu beginnings was anything but that. I was picked up at the train station by one of the team and immediately felt that I had made the right choice.
When we arrived at the Chateau I was weighed and measured and didn’t feel at all embarrassed by the truth of exactly how much I weighed. After all I was here to change this. I was then taken to my room, which was to be my home for the week. It was beautiful and luxurious... Once we were settled in we met in the dining room and were introduced to the amazing Chef. He was in charge of providing us with wonderfully nutritious meals and snacks for the week. Finally we retired to bed in preparation for the start of what was to be a life changing week.
Our exercise schedule for the week was carefully planned to give us a combination and variety of classes and therapies to optimize results. I have to say at this point that the trainers were exceptional and nothing short of miracle workers. They made sure we worked hard, but they were very encouraging and patient Once our exercise classes were over for the day we were able to enjoy a massage to ease our aching muscles or an amazing therapy session to help change our thought patterns and habits. I quickly realised that this finely tuned combination is what makes NuBeginnings the success that it is.
As I edged nearer to the end of the week I began to feel lighter and happier,but wasn’t sure how well i had done with the weight loss until the night before the weigh in, when I came down for dinner to gasps of my gosh you look so much slimmer...
After 7 days I lost a total of 10lbs and lots of inches from my... I was ecstatic with the results and owe this weight loss and complete change in Lifestyle firmly at the feet of NuBeginnings and their amazing team. I am now a fitter, happier and healthier woman than I could have ever imagined and cannot wait to continue on my new path to the rest of my life.