Guest comments are from NuBeginnings UK guests as NuBeginnings France opens in August 2010.

Jane A (London) Lost 7lbs

"A Life Changing experience - Best decision I ever made.....thank you to NuBeginnings for a wonderful week."

Richard B, London

"I am now two stones lighter than when I left NuBeginnings – I am only four pounds short of my target. I even intend to compete in a fun run on the beach in Spain. I haven't craved alcohol or the large amounts of chocolate and dairy products that I used to consume, and I'm sure that NuBeginnings has achieved for me what I never could manage before - changing eating habits permanently. I think it was the "holistic" approach, incorporating such things as hypnotherapy, that helped me achieve this. (I normally hate the use of the word "holistic", as it has been done to death in my own field, but it does seem appropriate here.)"

Anna G, London.

""Thank You so much for everything! Even though at times I found my week incredibly hard and also quite emotional, it really was a life changing thing for me. From the fact that I had never been away on my own before, to my incredibly bad eating patterns, it really opened my eyes to what I could do and achieve! You taught me so much about my eating habits and gave me much confidence after a bad few months. After losing 7 pounds with you I have gone onto losing another 9 pounds at home (in 3 weeks)and have stuck to your eating regimes and plans! I have set aside time for myself and taken up regular Pilates thanks to your amazing session. I feel much better in myself, much lighter, more confident and have a lot more energy than before." "

Liz B, Bristol - Lost 9lbs

"Amazing views and scenery, delicious food, inspirational and sympathetic staff, glorious walks. Thank you for helping me return from the brink!! My Nu life begins now."

Sharon H, London

"NuBeginnings does exactly what it says on the tin. Thank you for taking the fear out of food. No more yo-yo dieting for me."

Hilary C, London - Lost 6lbs

"Thanks NuBeginnings team - you've all been fantastic! Such motivators, so encouraging, so friendly. A really safe place to get rid of your demons for good. I even gave up smoking too! An amazing week, thanks."

Mai A (Egypt) Lost 14lbs

"New Beginnings, New Lifestyle, New Me! Thank you very much for such a great experience and for the new me, and of course the progress will go on!"

Dan S (Hull) Lost 28 lbs

"Being away from friends and family for 4 weeks is hard but it has been made so much easier thanks to the NuBeginnings team. I feel happier, stronger and fitter than I have in years. I am a changed man!"

Jo L (London) Lost 9lbs

"What an incredible week - I loved every second of it....Victoria and co are totally inspirational. Thank you so much for getting me back on track. I have never felt so good in my life."

Bob L (Brussels) Lost 10lbs

"Brilliant! Thanks for a great week. This has woken me up mentally and physically. The perfect balance between \"Boot\" and \"Boutique\" with great support along the way."
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