What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

By | October 19, 2020

There are numerous types of enclosure tanks for bearded dragons. Still, if you are looking for the best wood to make the best bearded dragon enclosures, you should use plywood to make the enclosures because it is an excellent insulator and doesn’t get ruined if exposed to wetness.What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

There would be so many options in the range of price and material, and functionality. And it all depends on the material used to make the enclosure. It doesn’t matter what material you are using, but every enclosure should have a glass lid that can help you with your beardie’s visibility.

Bearded dragons are popular among people as their pets, and people make so much effort on getting the best bearded dragon enclosures for them. These enclosures are made of different types of materials, and they all function differently because no material is the same in nature. 

The best bearded dragon enclosures

Glass enclosures

Glass enclosures are a bit like fish tanks. They are also considered as a great option because they let you have 360-degree visuals of what is happening inside the enclosure. Glass enclosures are pretty affordable. Still, the only drawback that one can have is they are relatively fragile.

But if you are taking care of it properly, you can find that they are also really durable because they don’t lose their look, and they can be found at any pet store really easy for your bearded dragon. Also, how can we forget that glass is the best insulator. 

Plastic enclosures

Plastic enclosures are also known as PVC cages because they are made of PVC plastic. PVC plastic is light in weight, and when the cages are made of this plastic, you will see a superior finishing in the cages. 

The only thing that refrains people from buying these enclosures is that they are a bit pricy compared to the other enclosures. The stores that sell you these enclosures can offer you so many colors in the cage, and also they help you in getting the lights installed just for an additional cost, which would be worth the price you are paying.

These enclosures blend in the décor easily, and there is no need to state that they are also the best insulators of electricity, which is really helpful in keeping your baby pet safe and healthy.

 Vision cages

These cages have one glass slide that helps you keep an eye on your beardie, and also they are easy to carry. These cages are great options if you are traveling and you want to take your pet with you.

They have inbuilt fixtures for lights and are really easy to clean also. They are made of a single piece of plastic, so they are really light in weight.

 Wooden Enclosures

Wooden enclosures are available in a wide array of different types of woods and wooden cages are considered the best bearded dragon enclosures. Their different types are here:

Melamine cage

This is a heavy and sturdy wood, and it will do the best job to keep your bearded dragon nice and warm as he likes.

Melamine wood is white, which is why it doesn’t let the light reflect at all, and it helps the color of your beardie look more beautiful. The only drawback is that it is a bit expensive and will be ruined if exposed to water.

Plywood cage

 If you are going to build the enclosure by yourself, then this is the best wood that you should be using. This is the best choice because it is really easy to find and lightweight. 

You can find plywood really easily, and you will enjoy a lot while making your bearded dragon an enclosure with this material. This type of wood is also doesn’t leave its state of beauty, even if it gets wet.

ABS cages

This type of enclosure can be concluded as a mixture of PVC and vision cages. It is because these cages are made up of ABS plastic, and they are not heavy at all. Being light in weight, they are fairly easy to move and clean.

Some plastics emit much toxics, but if you use ABS plastic, they are the best because they don’t emit any toxics at all. Just when they seem perfect, the drawback comes, and it is that they are costly. 

These are all types of enclosures that you can find in the market. You can select which are the best bearded dragon enclosures from them all according to your preferences.

Let’s get to the different types of enclosures, and you can decide which one is best for your bearded dragon.

The best substrate for your dragon’s habitat

With the enclosures, you surely need the flooring of your sweet beardie. Substrate keeps your bearded dragon really healthy and happy because that makes them feel like they are in a lifelike environment.What Wood To Use For Bearded Dragon Enclosure

There are so many options, and when you want the safest option, you should opt for the substrate that is non-particle in nature.

One shouldn’t use the loose particle substrate because that can cause the dust in the enclosure that can also affect the breathing of your lovable beardie, and you, of course, don’t want him to have any trouble in breathing.

Loose particle substrate can cause clogging in the digestive tract, and there would be difficulties faced by him during the bowel movement. The drawbacks don’t end here; the debris can also enter in the nose and eyes of your dragon and cause infection.

The non-particle substrate consists of newspaper, paper towels, reptile carpet, ceramic tile, etc. these are much safer options for your bearded dragon, which will avoid the risk of getting stirred up, and these won’t affect him at all.

In conclusion

There are minor cons to the non-particle substrate also, but they are not as lethal as the particle one. The cons that include non-particle flooring are that the claws can get stuck in the mat or carpet, but there is a solution for that too. The owner can keep a check on the nails and give your beardies a regular trim in the nails.