At NuBeginnings France we tailor a programme that ensures you will reach your goals. We will encourage you to do as many different classes as possible. We will offer you either Pilates or Yoga classes both ensure your body is well balanced and stretched. These classes allow you to reconnect your mind and body so that you can once again listen to what your body needs and wants for a healthy future.

Exercise Classes
NuBeginnings offers a wide range of exercise classes including spinning, boxing and circuit training. This wide offering of classes makes sure you work every muscle of your body and helps to bring your system back to life through exercise.

The Studio
Our exercise studio is located in the Chateau’s former stable block. The gym has magnificent arched windows and has lovely views over the garden. The studio has wonderful, original beams and is a magical place to work out. All of the NuBeginnings France exercise team are highly trained and motivated to ensure you reach your goals. They will support and encourage you every step of the way.

The Gym

Quality equipment
Our NuBeginnings France gym is well equipped with the very latest high specification equipment including:

Cross trainers

Rowing machines

Upright bikes

Recumbent bikes


Stepping Machine

Spinning Bikes

Free weights

Supervision by our qualified team
All sessions in the gym are supervised and led by our highly qualified instructors. You will see and feel the difference after every gym session.


Nordic Walking

Tailored to you
Every guest at NuBeginnings has a personal fitness assessment at the beginning of your stay with us. We make sure that each activity is tailored to you and achieving your goals!

Nordic Walking is a wonderful aerobic exercise 
Walking is a wonderful aerobic exercise and the breathtakingly beautiful location of NuBeginnings France, in the Loire Valley, is a wonderful place for it.

Building your Fitness Levels
The different walks are planned by your personal training mentors to make sure you are challenged whilst enjoying the fabulous French countryside.


Psychotherapy is an important part of your programme at NuBeginnings France.

Psychotherapy allows us to work with you at the very deepest level on the reasons for your unhealthy relationship with food.

At NuBeginnings France we aim to break down the barriers that may be stopping you from leading the healthy, fulfilled life you deserve.

We use Psychotherapy in conjunction with hypnosis to ensure that you are able to make all the changes you wish to make.

Each session is designed for you – to maximise the benefits for you and to ensure you reach the place you want to be.

Weight Loss

Are you tired of struggling with your weight?

Do you know what to do but just can’t find the motivation to do it?

Are you fed up with your relationship with food?

At NuBeginnings France we offer a programme designed specifically for you to ensure you achieve your weight loss results. Each programme is individually tailored to You and Your needs.

At NuBeginnings France we guarantee you will enjoy a significant weight loss whilst you are here with us. We also help you to make changes in your beliefs and behaviours so you continue a healthy lifestyle when you return home.

The NuBeginnings weight loss programme can be experienced for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks depending on individual requirements.

1 weekA one week programme individually designed for you to ensure you achieve your goals. You see significant weight loss, inch loss and improvement in wellbeing. Your fitness improves significantly.
2 weeksA two week programme individually designed for you to ensure you achieve your goals. You see significant weight and inch loss as well as real improvements in fitness. You feel great.
3 weeksA three week programme individually designed for you to ensure you achieve your goals. You see significant weight and inch loss as well as dramatic improvements in fitness. Healthy living will start become a habit. Friends and family will really see a difference when you return home.
4 weeksA four week programme individually designed for you to ensure you achieve your goals. A life changing experience! Your self esteem rises and amazing weight and inch loss motivates you to continue at home. You leave looking and feeling better. Friends and family will be amazed.

The team at NuBeginnings France are happy to advise you on the most suitable length of stay. Whether you stay for 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks; the hypnotherapy, wonderful diet and exercise programme offered by NuBeginnings guarantees that you will see fantastic results.


The nutritional programme at NuBeginnings France has been closely based on the proven nutritional programme at NuBeginnings UK. We have of course given it a luxurious French twist.

The NuBeginnings France weight loss programme ensures you lose weight and detox your system. The programme is carefully designed to meet your nutritional needs and ensure you reach your goal.

The food is all locally sourced from our farmers in the Loire valley. We even grow our own organic herbs (and vegetables are on the way) so we know you are getting the very best. Fabulous fresh, local food and a balanced diet ensure you will lose weight.

Delicious, nutritious and beautifully prepared by our Spa chef. Every meal at NuBeginnings is a delight.


During your stay at NuBeginnings France you have a personal fitness programme tailored to you. You start your programme with a personal fitness assessment at the beginning of your stay here with us. We make sure that each activity is tailored to you and achieving your goals! Your whole fitness programme will be overseen by your own personal training mentor.

NuBeginnings weight loss boot camp, fat farm - Outdoor Exercise

Achieving your goals
We offer you as many different classes as we can at NuBeginnings France. We want you to find something new that you really enjoy and that you are motivated to continue when you return home.

We take you out over beautiful walking trails in the Loire valley. Exercise outdoors has been found to be much more effective in terms of building cardio vascular fitness and burning calories. It also keeps you interested because of the breathtaking scenery.


Throughout your stay at NuBeginnings France we will structure your therapy programme for you to help you reach your goals. Our trained therapists will guide you through a range of talks, workshops and one to one therapies.

These include: 
Talks and workshops on different topics throughout your stay. Every talk is designed to teach you the tools you need to ensure you succeed when you go home.

Psychotherapy is included in your programme at NuBeginnings France allowing us to help you get to the root of the problem and therefore to solve it. Psychotherapy along with Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapies play an important role in your stay at NuBeginnings France. These vital therapies allow us to work with you to identify the reasons for your unhealthy relationship with food. Then even more importantly to help you solve the problems so that you can leave with a more healthy, balanced, normal relationship to food and exercise.

Massage plays an important factor in your wellbeing. Our massage therapists are all highly trained and qualified and have each been selected because they care about you and helping your body to function well. Your body will be pampered or pummelled – it is entirely up to you.