What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

By | August 24, 2019

Actually, the hedgehogs are very comfortable in warm climates and they cannot tolerate the cold, where if the temperature drops below 65F then the hedgehog may begin to show some of the symptoms of hypothermia which is often called as the hibernation. Some of the symptoms are the body of the hedgehog becomes cool to the touch and it will be of lethargic and they will become slow responding or it won’t even respond.

If your hedgehog is in the hibernation situation, then it must be reversed else the issue will become a fatal one for you. The hedgehogs must be placed in a room that it contains the central air and this can be of tricky for us, the heated pads are also available where you can place it under the habitat of the hedgehog but we feel that having the room warmer is found to be the safest bet.

During the hibernation

When you notice that your hedgehog has become very cool to touch and seems to be of having difficulties in moving and has not be eating the food immediately then it is necessary to take it to a warmer areas and bring the temperature up very slowly where this must be done at least over 20 minutes. This kind of cold behavior is a critical thing for hedgehog to survive and during the hibernation period the body of hedgehog undergoes extraordinary changes such as like body temperature gets dropped, breathing rates slow down and metabolic patterns adapt to the colder environment conditions.

If you want you can also buy the heat lamps for the hedgehog in which when you keep these heat lamps in the hedgehog room then it makes the room warmer and spreads down the warm temperature. There are number of best heat lamp for hedgehog are available in the market where it is your responsibility to find out the best hedgehog lamp for your pet to keep its body warmer during the hibernation. This is relatively simple coping method that allows the hedgehogs to just shutdown, moreover when you are hedgehog is in the hibernation period then it puts up the weight because I stores the large amount of energy for winter season to keep its body running.

Want to know the hedgehogs hibernate period?

What Temperature Do Hedgehogs Hibernate?

The hedgehog starts their hibernation progression in the month of October to November. Even though, it is completely possible that some of the hedgehogs may keep on “awake” and they store the enough food at the time of hibernation period. If they have not managed to accumulate enough fat then it reserves prior to their usual hibernation time. You can also find that most of the hedgehogs get up for few days at the time over the winter period to feed where they do not enter into the continuous state of the hibernation.

  • There are number of ways available in which you can help your hedgehog during the hibernation or winter period including the suitable habitat and homes for the hedgehogs where its keeps its body warmer.
  • Another way to keep your hedgehog warmer is that you can place a patch of garden or small area with the dense of undergrowth and you can also scattered the lengthy grass and leaves for your hedgehogs to sleep where this will help them to find more comfort during the hibernation or winter period.
  • The most vital thing about hedgehog is, they do earlier to the slumber and they form a pool of the physically fat reserves where this makes them not to be of fuzzy eaters. Mostly the hedgehogs live just by eating different variety of slugs, insects, mice and even they eat fruits.


There are also wide range of specially created hedgehog food are available in the market where the spikes is found to be the best choice of food for the hedgehog and it contains the semi-moist food and dry meat with it. You can just a leave out a dish of the fresh water for your hogs and ensure that it is clean, moreover the hedgehogs are completely intolerant to  lactose so never put out the milk to them where this will certainly make them more harm.