How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

By | January 13, 2020

There are several species of snakes known, and one of the most popular breed for the pet is the Corn snake. This is a snake that can bear held in hands for an extended period and needs a specific habitat to stay alive. Here we are going to elaborate on several things which you must have known before buying corn snakes as your pet.

The corn snake’s native place in North America and it is a species of rat snakes as they subdue its small prey by constriction. This snake can be easily found in southeastern and central United States; these are the docile nature snakes, reluctance to bite, small in size, looks attractive with different patterns, and doesn’t require specific care. The corn snakes are harmless and beneficial for humans to take them along as their pets. These snakes have a lack of functional venom and control the population of wild rodent pests; these are the pests that cause damage to the crops.

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

Such snakes are named corn snakes because their preys are rats and pests that are usually seen in the cornfield, and this is the reason they are also known as rat snakes. In this piece of writing, we will let you know to take care of such snakes and enables you to pet them nicely; the corn snakes aren’t venomous so that you can choose them as your pet undoubtedly. In the following points we are going to mention things that you must know about corn snakes, let’s have a look:

·         Distinctiveness:

The corns are the captive breed of reptiles, and these snakes are an ideal choice for a person who is wishing to have a reptile as their pet. These snakes can be an ideal choice for the beginners who never had reptiles as a pet because these snakes are easy to handle and can bear staying in hand for a long period, and you need to have best corn snake enclosure to make their environment-friendly for them.

·         How to take care of corn snake as a pet:

Here we are going to explain to you about the best corn snake enclosure so you would be at ease while taking them along as your pet.


You need to have a ten-gallon or more terrarium for a baby corn snake, make sure that the snake is not more than twice comparatively enclosure. It would help if you had several hiding places and branches to climb on so they will not be bored inside their new home. It would help if you used Aspen shaving, sani-chips, cypress mulch, and a newspaper as a substrate for your new pet (corn snake).

Temperature and lighting:

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

During the day time, you must keep the temperature around 80-85 degrees F, whereas, at night, you need to keep the temperature between 75-80 degrees F. The temperature is the main thing that you to keep in your notice while having such snakes as a pet. The owner of the snake need to check out the tank heaters must work well for maintaining a proper temperature because excessively high, and low temperature may cause them damage. So it is mandatory to keep these things into your notice.

Diet and water:

Before having them as your pet, you must know that the baby corn snakes eat pinky mice as they grow up, they start eating fuzzy mice as juveniles and adult mice considering adult rats. These rats are fat and fuzzy, and the adult corn snakes found them as their delicious meal. Once in a week, the corn snakes separate them from the container; that time, you get a bowl full of water and put your pet snake into it so he can snake himself into it. The water in the bowl must be chlorine-free.

Habitat of corn snakes:

The corn snakes are naughty enough as they love to climb from one branch to another, so the owner of the pet snake must have branches while having the best corn snake enclosure. These are the necessary things that you must know about the corn snakes, and you must keep the humidity of their cage up to 40-60%, which is similar to their natural habitat.

Maintenance of snake enclosure:

You to clean their cage once in a week so that they can have a clean and humid environment inside their cage; maintaining a cage of your pet corn snake is necessary, and if you are unable to these things, then you should think twice before getting them as your pet. If you are unable to maintain such things, the corn snake will suffer and might die because of an unstable environment.

They are also known as rat snakes:

The corn snakes are also known as rat snakes because they love eating rats. The corn snake’s favorite meal is eating a rat, the baby corn snake will eat the newborn baby rat (pinkish rat), and an adult corn snake will eat fuzzy rats or adult rats. These are the necessary things that you must know about pet corn snakes and their habitat as well.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

How Big Does My Snake Enclosure Need to Be?

What are the essential things that you to about the corn snake’s tank?

Temperature is the primary thing that you need to take care of; you can also use a heating pad to maintain the temperature inside the cage.

How to pet the corn snake?

You can take it out from its cage and hold in hand conveniently but not for too long because they get stressed easily.

Do the corn snakes feel bored?

These snakes don’t get affected without a companion as they know how to stay happy with their habitat only.

The final verdict:

Here we are with an outcome, and that is the corn snakes are the ideal choice for the ones who want a reptile as their pet. These snakes are harmless, and you can handle them easily. We hope the information mentioned has been helpful for you as we have mentioned each necessary information that you must know about pet corn snakes.